Mastering Design Training . virtual
Jan 26, 2022 . 14:10 - 22:00 . 2 Days With Carla Saliba
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Mastering Design Training


Everybody has a story to tell, a deal to close or people to inspire. If your ideas are not presented in a captivating manner, you miss out on the chance to engage with your audience, convince them and make an impact.

The only problem? Most business professionals or small business owners don’t have and of the following:

  • A background in design
  • Access or enough funds to hire a creative agency
  • Support from a creative mentor

With this workshop, you’ll learn to think like a designer and increase the impact of your communication.

Who Should Attend

This course is right for you if you are :

  • An entrepreneur / startup founder looking to build / strengthen your in-house design efforts
  • A marketer / communication specialist looking to upgrade your visual communication skills
  • A business professional looking to master good design principles that can be applied in any business communication
  • A manager looking to upskill teams

Course Outline

MODULE 1. Master the fundamentals of design

Design is a core business function, not just a splash of colour and clean structure, or an aesthetically pleasing after thought. You will learn all the fundamentals and principles that go into creating good design artwork.



  • Understanding its importance
  • Types of colours & their uses
  • Finding online inspiration & tools > Setting a colour palette


  • Understanding the importance of type
  • Types of fonts (serif & sans) & font pairing > Finding online inspiration & tools
  • Setting a type


  • Understanding their importance > Types of visuals & their uses
  • Finding online inspiration & tools > Setting a visual style
  • Hierarchy & composition > Layout design
  • Grids

MODULE 2. Present your ideas in an infographic manner

In this age of information overload, infographic design and data visualization have become powerful tools to gain an audience’s attention. You will learn how to lay out relevant content visually in order to communicate your message clearly & effectively.


Infographic Design

  • Benefits & types of infographics
  • Planning content
  • Creating a wireframe
  • Defining the visual approach & setting the creative direction > Finding online inspiration & tools

MODULE 3. Create stellar presentations

Presentations are a vital part of every business but few of us have been taught the fundamentals of good design. You will learn which presentation format is best for your project as well as the different kinds of slides you’ll need to design for it.


Presentation design

  • Types of presentations
  • Types of slides
  • Planning content
  • Defining the visual approach & setting the creative direction > Finding online inspiration online tools

Course Outcome

By the end of this workshop, you will know how to:

  • Make better design choices, with the help of online tools and best case practices
  • Navigate the major dos & don’ts in design
  • Visualize information
  • Arrange elements within each slide
  • Establish unity & consistency amongst your slides * Identify & develop the right kind of presentation
  • Do all of your basic design in-house, or manage an outsourced design team / agency


After successfully completing all modules and achieving a score of 80%+ on the final quiz, learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Center Of Digital Excellence.  we use smart certificate to share your credentials which could be used on your social media platforms. 


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