Our consultancy services address small to large organizations that need support to optimize their digital activities. Based on strong partnerships, we support organizations to combine their professionalism in their own field with our expertise to fully leverage their online business capacity and have their brands engage with customers, improve collaborations and streamline business operations in the digital sphere.

Our services

Digital Roadmaps

At CODE we structure robust digital solutions designed to articulate with the overall brand strategy and planned around your marketing calendar. Working closely with the internal staff, we develop a 12-month go-forward digital strategy across digital marketing, site optimization, social media, ecommerce and mobile.

Organizational framework development

We can support on all your organizational developments, from assisting in setting up new department structures, designing generic flows, defining an operating model suitable for your company; through to revamping your current processes and guidelines.

RFP development and agency selection

We recognize that business partners are imperative for the success of any business; therefore our service provides a balanced evaluation metrics to ensure your suppliers fit the bill and their skin is in the game.

Capability audits & training

Any forward strategy begins with your most valuable resource, your staff. Understanding their current competencies and advancing on it will provide the opportunity to best exploit and accelerate your brands digital efforts. Our role is to make sure they are well equipped and guided to carry on the change we seek.

Our excellence formula


We “literally” have no campaign, technology, media or any commodity to sell; we are only a sound advice.


One size doesn't fit all, we resource some of the best talents from our internationally aligned consultants to ensure relevant and end to end solutions.


Our system scales to cope to your own workload and business environment with the capability to perform on an array of digital marketing services.


Not a marketing Jargon but a business model, we create and reinvent the business dynamics to align the KPI's, ROI, resources and the processes to enhance service offering and capture new market segments.

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