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Center of Digital Excellence, C.O.D.E Inc, provides services to leading organizations across the private, public and social sectors in Canada & Internationally.

Our primary focus is advising individuals & organizations on how to adopt and improve performance in the digital age to build a sustainable, long-term comparative advantage to drive digital economy.

We operate in four key business areas: Training, Consultancy, Online publishing & Events.

The strength of integrating these four business streams (our Ecosystem), empowers individuals & organizations to achieve business growth by helping them unlock their full digital potential and thrive the digital age.

Our Story

CODE’s remit is to create an ecosystem to facilitate and encourage the adoption of digital economy by advancing the ICT infrastructure with an underlying focus on digital media. It’s a source for market data, a place to turn to for guidelines and counsel, a discussion platform, an education.

resource, a whole decision support system. Our objective is to create a common currency in the digital landscape by connecting digital experts and best practices from around the globe to encourage the transfer of knowledge and augment skills and abilities.

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Our Ecosystem
Aimed at professionals who want practical advice on all aspects of online business, our consultancy services could assist clients on …
Through our open-source architecture, we focus on developing as much useful & relevant data as possible to inform every aspect of …
Our courses are designed by renowned institutions and industry practitioners, which are used by leading brands for staff education.
Code hosts a number of gatherings with the aim to get together community experts and international speakers to discuss an array of …
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