PR Smith

PR Smith is one of the world’s most celebrated integrated digital marketing writers & dynamic speakers. A Ted Talker, marketer, author, (6 books in 8 languages) & founder of SOSTAC® planning framework. P

PR Smith is an international speaker, marketing consultant and author of books renowned for their ‘edutainment’ style including: Digital Marketing Excellence; Marketing Communications and the SOSTAC® Guide To Writing Your Perfect Digital Marketing Plan.

Voted in the Top 3 business models worldwide by the Chart Inst of Marketing & now adopted by Linkedin, KPMG and innovative start-ups, the SOSTAC® Planning Framework helps lots of professionals to learn how to write the perfect plan in 4 minutes.

The SOSTAC® online portal contains video, infographics and a variety of mini cases demonstrating how SOSTAC® is applied to a wide variety of success stories. Professionals can also take the online short course and become SOSTAC® Certified Planners. Training companies can become SOSTAC® training companies.

Paul also founded the NFP Great Sportsmanship Programme which inspires a new generation via true two minute stories about sportsmanship.

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