Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing

Relationship marketing differs from other forms of marketing as it recognizes the long term value of customer relationships and extends communication beyond intrusive advertising and sales promotional messages.Companies have established teams to only concentrate on building customer relationships and marketing themselves better on each occasion while pitching for more business with their existing clients.

The main objective of Relationship marketing is to develop long term relationships with important customers inorder to retain them and get more business from them. Marketers are required to prepare strategies taking all the stakeholders of the business into consideration. The whole idea is not only to develop strong relationships but also understanding the capabilities, requirements , goals of all the stakeholders (customers,partners, suppliers etc).



MASHUP – 2nd Edition – Digital Marketing Conference, In a Boat!

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Yup, in a boat we set the regions most influential marketing gathering… We chose our venue to be in the iconic Arabian Dhow – Al Hashemi. A destination that reflects not only history, but also grandeur, elegance and remarkable artistry of Kuwait’s culture. The source of business for many merchants in the past and today the place where the future of business and technology are emerging.



MASHUP MENA 2015 – Digital Marketing Conference

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We are happy to announce our 1st 15 Speakers for the 2nd edition of our annual conference, #mashupmena, part of the Center Of Digital Excellence @codeinc flagship conference & workshop series.

 This year, we are lining up even more great learning, skills building and networking opportunities – after all, you’ll be spending 2-days with more than 400 like-minded, forward-thinking marketers.

Let us take you through some of the points that make this event a ‘must’ for marketing, digital and business leaders: 

  • Speakers: We will be showcasing thought provoking speakers in the digital industry, providing attendees with emerging trends & strategies, growth tactics, cutting-edge innovative technologies, best practices, and insights from successful digital marketing campaigns. more here >> 
  • Diverse Sessions: Whether it’s building customer loyalty, increasing sales, improving lead generation, or driving greater consumer engagement; our multi-session & training workshops (TBA) will leave you more informed and more inspired. 
  • Over 400 Attendees: MASHUP MENA will be the biggest business gathering in 2015. It’s the meeting place for the next generation of business leaders, marketers and tech entrepreneurs motivated to transform business in the digital era. 
  • Expo & Live Product Showcase: Exhibiting with us goes far beyond our 400m2 of space. In addition to the booth, we are providing many benefits such as; multiple marketing opportunities and the option to take the stage for 5 minutes & convert 400 forward thinking marketers to potential buyers and advocates in the local market.  more here >> 
  • SME Specialized track:  Learn from industry experts that will unfold the ecosystem & address challenges, potential & the driving force behind this segment. Sessions led by leaders in this space from: 



5 must haves for successful email marketing

Email still rules OK. Content marketing has it’s time and place, and social media is one big brother you can’t live web cam ignore. But in terms of reach, research and ROI, email marketing still wins. It’s cheap to send, it’s completely traceable and it talks directly to the individual consumer. What more could you ask for?



Marketing successfully via email takes some careful planning though. Simply spamming cold lists of addresses is only likely to get you labelled as spam pretty quickly. Conversely, using lukewarm subscribers or confirmed opted in addresses to send high quality valuable content at the right time will get your brand noticed and put you head and shoulders above the competition. Here’s how you do it right: